<strong>Health SKIN DEEP: Holistic, Functional and Wellness Skincare</strong>

It used to be that all that mattered in cosmetic or skincare formulation was a headliner “hero” ingredient that would enable companies to create buzz and cash in on the latest fad.  Today, consumers are becoming much too savvy for that to work. They know what they want, and that’s clean, beneficial products without the […]

What Does it Take: Going to Market with a Custom OTC (Over-the-Counter) vs. a Cosmetic? 

R&D Formulations Most people think of Over-the-Counter (OTC) as cough syrup or something you can buy from the drugstore without a prescription. While that is true, it can also refer to drugs and other products with “medicinal” ingredients. A few examples of OTC products are decongestants, topicals that relieve itches, and treatments for common bodily […]